Step5 Clarification of Phenomenon and problem


Phenomenon is an occurrence of fact that can be observed.
To avoid on assumptions, observe phenomenon live on the shop floor.
To help clarify the Phenomenon statement, ask
1, During what specific machine operation does the phenomenon occur?
2, Does it always occur under the same circumstances?
3, Does it occur at regular or irregular intervals?
4, Does it get better or worse over time?
5, Does it occur on more than one machine?
6, Does it occur only for certain operators?
Clear understanding of problem=half the problem solved.
Link phenomenon to specific process or machine, such as,

  1. Post Mortem on defective units: a) Examine units for clue leading to root cause of problem. b) Items checked are: Scratch or Chip on Surface of packages /leads/...
  2. Defect mapping or Multi-Vari study: a) Check Pattern/trend/Location for which defects occur b) Draw conclusion
  3. Prepare Table for validation a) List equipment / process flow in column 1; b) List content for Validation in column 2; c)List Validation Result in Column 3.
  4. Equipment process validation a) Validate evidence from 5.1 to 5.2 against each equipment /process in this step. b) Enter results in Column 3 of which OK=No problem form this machine or step NG= not good, problematic area, to identify difference. P= potential, to include as item for further validation in step6.
  5. Zoom in on problematic step/flow