OLE is the abbreviation of overall labor effectiveness which is a very effective performance index to measure the people performance especially for low level persons whose salary is based on working unit such as 0.3 euro per loading one pallete or 0.1 $ per folding one box etc. And the maintemance work is also treated as this theory recently such as 3 $ per motor change or 2100 $ for one third party contract overhall etc. If treat such human resources supplier or department as one unit, we can meaure every human resource effectiveness easily using OLE.
When such a person is hired to maintain the machines effectiveness, for example, mechanical machine effeciency or MME, then the theory time the person can work 100% is hiring time or solar time somebody called. Of couse he has some time to leave for holidays or sickness etc. which is treated as absent time. And he also needs training, feeding and travel etc which is called setup time.
Then OLE of such person is calculated as the followings,
Availability=(Solar time-absent time)/Solar time
Performance=(Solar time-absent time-setup time)/(Solar time-absent time)
Quality=Weighted MME*(Solar time-absent time-setup time-service cost per 000 litre/allowance per time unit)/(Solar time-absent time-setup time)