ebook: Successful Interview Skills

 Successful interview skill1 The interview  7What is an interview? 7; Types of interview 8; Other assessment methods 10; Why do interviews take place? 11; What happens in an interview? 12; What are interviews about? 13; What leads to success in interviews? 132 What employers are looking for 17Providing proof that you are the right candidate 18; The most common mistakes 21; De-mystifying the interview 23; Stressing your contribution 243 Planning and preparation 27Importance of planning and preparation 27; Yourview of yourself 28; How you see the employer 28; Research 29; Analysing the job 31; How to find out more 32; Areas of likely questioning 35; Mind the gap! Covering up your weak spots 39; Maximising your strengths 39; Golden rules 40; Which questions toask? 414 Creating the best impression 45The importance of personal image 45; Creating apositive first impression 46; Appearance 48;

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