ebook: seven habits

Stephen Covey has written a remarkable book about the human condition, so elegantly written, so understanding of our embedded concerns, so useful for our organization and personal lives, that it's going to be my gift to everyone I know.    -- Warren Bennis, author of On Becoming a Leader     I've never known any teacher or mentor on improving personal effectiveness to generate such an overwhelmingly positive reaction....  This book captures beautifully Stephen's philosophy of principles.  I think anyone reading it will quickly understand the enormous reaction I and others have had to Dr. Covey's teachings.    -- John Pepper, President, Procter and Gamble     Stephen Covey is an American Socrates, opening your mind to the 'permanent things' -- values, family, relationships, communicating.    -- Brian Tracy, author of Psychology of Achievement     Stephen R. Covey's book teaches with power, conviction, and feeling.  Both the content and the methodology of these principles form a solid foundation for effective communication.  As an educator, I think this book to be a significant addition to my library.    -- William Rolfe Kerr, Utah Commissioner of Higher Education     Few students of management and organization -- and people -- have thought as long and hard about first principles as Stephen Covey.  In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, he offers us an opportunity, not a how-to guide.   The opportunity is to explore ourselves and our impact on others, and to do so by taking advantage of his profound insights.   It is a wonderful book that could change your life.

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