ebook: Say it right the first time-leader's skill to communicate and manage people

Say it right the first time-leader's skill to communicate and manage peopleThere are many different ways to produce high-performance resultsin organizations. Some companies create an internally competitiveenvironment where the toughest, but not necessarily the most com-petent, rise to the top. Other organizations build a consensus culturewhere agreement replaces quality by reducing decisions to the lowestcommon denominator. Organizations of the future, however, arechoosing a longer-term approach to producing results by investing inpeople. The most prized possession in these companies is the highlevel of accountabilityand collaborationamong people. People areplaced at the heart of the organization, and leaders recognize that theirmost important resource walks through the front door every day andwill walk out again if they are uninspired.This book is for leaders and managers at all levels who believe thathow people work togetheris the key to long-term success. Several prem-ises underlie this belief:1.People want to do their best.2.People will give their discretionary effort when they areinspired 3.People will produce unprecedented results with inspiredleadership.Communication, language in particular, is the vehicle for unleash-ing the power of people. This is the tool that leaders use to either moti-vate people to reach higher or to derail them completely. Words arepotent. They move the action forward or backward; there is no suchthing as a neutral comment from a leader. All words have meaning andimpact. Leaders who understand this can use language to harness theboundless energy of people toward focused business outcomes. Thosewho fail to recognize the power of their words will find themselvesfrustrated with the constant cycle of rework and communicationbreakdowns. The truth is that leadership competence, expertise, andcommitment will not overcome poor communication skills.Most competent leaders and managers have been schooled, bothformally and informally, in many different facets of leadership. Butfew have had the opportunity to learn how words shape reality anddetermine both their future and the future of the organization. Thisbook closes the gap by providing leaders with much more than justtools; it explains why the tools workso leaders can easily apply power-ful communication principles to the many challenges they face.Because words are potent, this book does not waste them. It is tothe point, practical, and direct. No time is wasted on theory, academicresearch, or ego massage. This book is specifically designed for lead-ers and managers who are already successful and who want to achievemuch more through their best resource people.

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