Education and training


Basic step: 1, Evaluate situation and strategy; 2, Idetify training needs; 3, Training and appraisal.

Education and training pillar of TPM

If Man-Method losses need to be reduced, an E & T team should be awaken.

Advanced E&T pillar

Requires 100000 POINTS in the General category.

Education and training audit

Requires 60000 POINTS in the General category.

Skill matrix template



This is only part of the skill matrix. We develop skill matrix for PM pillar, AM pillar, QM pillar etc. If you'd like more information or support, please contact macrolake management.Skill matrix template

What is E & T role? RACI


Responsible - Those who do work to achieve the task. There can be multiple resources responsible.
Accountable - (Also Approver) The resource ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the task. There must be exactly one A specified for each task.
Consulted - Those whose opinions are sought. Two-way communication.
Informed - Those who are kept up-to-date on progress. One-way communication.

When and how launch an E&T team?


When should we launch an E&T team? 
When  Man & Method losses need to be reduced.
When should we not launch an E&T team? 
When training is not relevant to Man & Method losses.
Training objective is to increase awareness
Training method is distributing OPLs only.